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A La Carte Farrier Services & Fees

Trim: $65.00

Trimming is the most important part of the farriery process. Proper trimming is necessary to achieve balance and overall health in a horse. Serious and chronic issues arise when a horse’s feet are not trimmed with the correct angles or not left with the right amount of hoof wall and hoof material. Chronic issues can be corrected after several cycles of proper trimming just as easily as they can be caused by improper trimming.

Principal Farrier Shoeing: $250.00
Senior Farrier Shoeing: $225.00

Noble Farriers offers hand made shoes for all horses whose owners are interested in fitting each hoof with detailed, customized shoes. However, machine-made shoes are also offered as an option depending on the horse’s needs and the farrier. Seth Noble uses handmade shoes exclusively, while our farriers may use a mix of handmade and modified keg shoes based on each horse’s individual needs. Seth Noble and our farriers are happy to explain the mechanics and function of the shoes designed for the client’s horses.

Bar Shoes


Bar shoes are used to support the internal structure of the hoof capsule or to support tendons and ligaments above the hoof.



Pads are used for protection of the sole and support of the internal structure of the hoof capsule.



Forge Work


Forge work may be required for individual therapeutic shoes depending on a given type of lameness.

Replacing Lost Shoes


Noble Farriery subscription clients are not charged for the replacement of lost shoes.




Drill and Tap


Drilling/ tapping gives the client the option to add traction to the shoe.

Half Shoeing

$165.00 Principal Farrier

$145.00 Senior Farrier

This service includes trimming and shoes on front feet and trimming on hind feet.



Note: Fees are due after a service is completed and before the next service.