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The Importance of The Trim in NW Horse Source

The Noble Farriery Signature Trim is foundational to Noble Farriery’s proven success in maintaining the health of horses. There are countless approaches to trim out there, and the debate about best practices will continue. But we stand by The Noble … Read More

The Noble Farriery Signature Trim

The patent-pending Noble Farriery trimming technique is based on the goal of positioning the hoof capsule around the coffin bone in a specific way in order to maintain or increase the vertical depth and concavity of the hoof. This method … Read More

Farriery 101: The Foundational Importance of the Trim

The trim is the most important aspect of the horseshoeing process. Without the proper trim, things can go terribly for a horse. When looking for a farrier for your horse, it is crucial that you research in-depth, the farriers’ understanding … Read More