Join Our Team

Noble Farriery is growing.

Noble Farriery is looking for employees and apprentices who have completed shoeing school and love horses. Our program offers a comprehensive approach to farriery with the mentorship of Principal Farrier, Seth Noble. You will learn our patent-pending signature trim and fine-tune your horsemanship through a step by step process which will enable you to grow your skills as a farrier. Our goal is to nurture the members of our team by providing a support system that educates and employs the best farriers for our brand. After completing our training, our farriers have the opportunity to be paid with a benefits package and room for advancement along their career path. If you are interested in having a work/life balance, someone to handle billing and communications, paid vacations, benefits, and a support system to back you up, Noble Farriery is for you. To learn more and become part of Noble Farriery please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

The Brand & Culture

The Noble Farriery brand is based on the values of Principal Farrier Seth Noble. Having acquired an impressive work ethic and value of craftsmanship from his family, Seth embodies the best aspects of innovative thinking and old-world values. His earnest dedication to horsemanship and artisanry has allowed him to build a reputation for the quality of his product, service, and communication.

Horses come first for Noble Farriery and our role is to be the best advocates we can be. Horses work hard to perform and do what is asked of them at a great cost to their own comfort and health. Our role as farriers is to honor this relationship by giving them the best trim and shoeing experience so they can continue to do their job in health and comfort. We are known for providing a safe and loving relationship with horses and never compromise on doing what is best for them. As a result, we are highly valued by our clientele and even our “difficult” horses look forward to seeing us.

In order to give this excellent service to our horses, we strive to be a culture of integrity and create the best support system for our farriers’ success.


There are many aspects to the trade that make it physically demanding, intellectually challenging, and mentally daunting. As with any trade or business, there are right and wrong ways to do things that one learns from peers and mentors, but unfortunately, farriery is one of the loneliest industries to work in. It takes fortitude and patience to learn how to be an advocate for horses, clients, and even yourself as a farrier.

A seasoned farrier has the potential to have a secure financial future, an honorable relationship with horses, and the respect of clients, veterinarians, trainers, and other horse professionals. At Noble Farriery, we want to see you through your career. By offering continuing education, and teaching excellent horsemanship skills, you will have the ability to advance and grow in the trade.


By having a limited number of  4-5 horses per day for you to work with, on a schedule run by our office administrator, Noble Farriery offers a structure for success. Your appointments will be confirmed ahead of time and we will handle billing through our subscription-based model. We will provide your vehicle, uniform, equipment, and advocate for your safety. You will be paid as a salaried employee of the company, have back up when needed, weekends off, and vacation time. You will not have the headache of having to handle scheduling, record-keeping, invoicing, vehicle maintenance, and tax filing.

Your entire focus while working for Noble Farriery will be on excellent farriery providing the service, patience, and competence that our clients and horses deserve.


Health & liability insurance, a retirement plan, weekends, and vacation time will all be provided to you as an employee of Noble Farriery. All farriers go through a training process to learn our patent-pending signature trimming technique and horsemanship skills. After a probationary period, you will be given your own list of clients, a schedule, bi-monthly pay, and benefits.