Farrier Services, Training & Clinics

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A La Carte Farrier Services & Fees

Trim: $50.00 - $65.00

Trimming is the most important part of the farriery process. Proper trimming is necessary to achieve balance and overall health in a horse. Serious and chronic issues arise when a horse's feet are not trimmed with the correct angles or not left with the right amount of hoof wall and hoof material. Chronic issues can be corrected after several cycles of proper trimming just as easily as they can be caused by improper trimming.

Shoeing: $150.00 - $250.00

Noble Farriers offers hand made shoes for all horses whose owners are interested in fitting each hoof with detailed, customized shoes. However, keg shoes are also offered as an option depending on the horse's needs and the farrier. Seth Noble uses handmade shoes exclusively, while his apprentices may use keg and modified keg shoes. Seth Noble and his farriers are happy to explain the mechanics and function of the shoes designed for the client's horses.

Bar Shoes: $50.00

Bar shoes are used to support the internal structure of the hoof capsule or to support to tendons and ligaments above the hoof.

Pads: $30.00 – $50.00

Pads are used for protection of the sole and support of the internal structure of the hoof capsule.

Aluminum Shoes: $150.00 – $250.00

Aluminum shoes are used when a lighter shoe is required to influence a horses’s stride or when a shoe may become to heavy due to it’s structure. 

Half Shoeing: $100.00 – $155.00

Replacing Lost Shoes: $0.00 – $50.00

Noble Farriers clients are not charged for the replacement of lost shoes.

Drill and Tap: $50.00

Drilling/ tapping gives the client the option to add traction to the shoe.

Fees are due after a service is completed and before the next one.


Seth Noble will travel for special cases but must be booked two months in advance. Fees are $1000.00 per day plus travel expenses

Training and Speaking Services

Fees vary for all training services.

Training Young & Difficult Horses

Young, difficult or traumatized horses can be unsafe to shoe for various reasons. In an ideal world, horses will have positive experiences with a loving and patient farrier at an early age. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Noble Farriers strives to create good experiences for all horses and work patiently with horses who require extra work. The safety of our farriers is important to us as is the psychological well being of the horses we work with. We are happy to do extra training with horses who require special attention.

Training Farriers

Noble Farriers is looking to expand its staff to service a wider range of horses. Apprentices and assistants are always wanted. Seth Noble is also available to help improve the skills of farriers who would like to learn more about balanced trimming, custom shoemaking and correcting lamenesses. See our contact page and send us an email or call to find out more.

Speaking and Education at Clinics and Workshops

If you would like to invite Seth Noble to speak at a workshop or clinic please contact Noble Farriers through our contact page.