Farrier Service

We provide comprehensive farrier services for horses in most disciplines at any level. Our farriers also consult and collaborate with veterinarians and trainers on therapeutic and rehabilitation cases. This includes the option of subscription-based billing for easy scheduling and monthly budgeting.



“Seth Noble comes with my highest recommendation. Seth has been shoeing my horses for ten years now, and I feel lucky to have his expertise helping my horses to perform their best. He is incredibly detail-oriented and dialed into each horse’s specific needs. And, to top it all off, he is a superhuman being who is very good with the horses!”

– Alyssa Pitts, Alyssa Pitts Dressage


“Seth Noble has an extensive understanding of helping horses maintain comfort and soundness. He has maintained the soundness of my senior mare in light of some interacting historic injuries. Seth is always professional, kind, and patient.”
– Jessica Kuchan, Dressage and Pleasure Rider


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Serving Horses & Pros

Specializing in English riding disciplines, we work closely with clients and their horses for the well-being of competitive horses. We look forward to being part of your team!


“Seth is an excellent farrier who offers experience, craftsmanship, and the ability to utilize x-rays for the benefit of the horse. He consistently improves soundness and performance. Seth’s work has greatly impacted our ability to help horses.”

–  Sara Perkins, DVM


“We feel so lucky to have Seth on our team. He really keeps our competition and sales horses moving and feeling their best. Millione, who is 17 years old this year, feels better than ever and I know that Seth is a huge reason for that.”

– Jennifer Williams, Summervale Premier Dressage


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Become an Employee

Interested in joining the Noble Farriery team? We support and care for a wonderful clientele, and need people with a strong work ethic and great character who love horses. If this is you, we’d love to have you!


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Apprenticeship Program

Under the mentorship of Principal Farrier Seth Noble, we train and hire farriers seeking to expand their knowledge of farriery and horsemanship.


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A La Carte
Farrier Services

Trim: $65.00
Shoeing: $250.00
Half Shoeing: $155.00


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Monthly Services

$165, $185, and $200
per month


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For Special Cases

Fees vary with each case

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Amazing References

Boasting a loyal clientele of riders, competitors, trainers, and veterinarians spanning 23 years of business.

 Sarah Perkins, DVM
(360) 480-5694
Ron Colton, DVM
(360) 568-1114
Alyssa Pitts Dressage
(360) 453-7196
Steve Latimer, DVM
(425) 432-1914