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Farrier Services, Training & Clinics


Seth Noble works with horses first and foremost because he loves them. Critical to our values as a company is a practice of putting the horse’s needs first. We are known for our patience and respect toward horses. We don’t look to blame horses for behavioral or conformational issues, but to understand and heal them. It is our source of pride. For this reason, we have an excellent reputation for our horsemanship skills. Advocating for horses and keeping them healthy in mind and body is why Noble Farriery clientele and horse professionals hire our company.

The Signature Trim

The signature trim ensures that our work is consistent. Developed over 25 years of farriery, this standard has proved to create an optimum state of health for the horse, one that encourages and supports hoof health over time. With a trimming technique that supports sole depth, concavity, and the thickness of the hoof wall, a farrier is empowered to help a horse stay sound.

Subscription-Based Billing

Although we offer a la carte billing, Noble Farriery is one of the only farrier businesses offering a subscription option. In doing so, we create the next level of service for our clients. This style of billing shows that we understand the importance of convenience and budgeting. It also allows us to create a schedule a year in advance which adds added customer service for the client and more ease for farriers when planning time off.

Training and Clinics

Coming Fall 2021